About Us


About Us

About eSited

eSited offers multi-locale datacenter services to customers of all types.

We understand that when you choose eSited as your IT infrastructure partner, you're entrusting us with the most important part of your business. It's a responsibility we take very seriously. With this in mind, we make your interests our own. If you have a problem, challenge or need, so do we. Working as an extension of your team, we'll do everything it takes to solve it.

The Beginning

eSited was founded in February of 2006 in Chicago, IL space developing websites and selling virtual machines, we have since developed and grown into a full scale hosting provider.

eSited started with only 1 server hosted in a 3rd party datacenter. During our years of operation we have continually moved forward and upgraded to our own wholly owned Tier 2 facility. Our main facility is located in down town Los Angeles, California. We operate own network and connect directly to some of the internets largest carriers. No matter the solution your hosting needs require we are sure to be able to acommodate even the largest clients.

The Name

Someone once asked how the name "eSited" name came about. The story is quite simple, in 2005 the domain became available, we liked the sound of it, simple, short and straight to the point. In our opinion the name represents websites and hosting through the name.

Facts about eSited

  • We have a vast team of engineers, ranging from Cisco Experts, Linux Gurus, to certified Windows Administrators.
  • eSited uses over 50Gbps of transit to host our wide variety of customers.
  • In addition to our specialty in servers and networking, we are experts at large scale data storage and CDN services.
  • We write and develop our software in house with our wholly owned development team.
  • Our network consists of well over 70,000 hosts.
  • Every day our network transfers over 400 trillion bytes of data.
  • Our developers and engineers contribute the many open source communities, including PHP, Node.js, Gentoo, Debian, CentOS and more.
  • eSited uses homegrown business practices and grows through reputation and trust as we continue to earn customers and their acquaintenances.

The Future

eSited continues to strive to grow in a managable fashion and always favor customer service of size and expansion.

However, that being said as we grow we want to expand our footprint to include more Network PoPs more data center locations. Ultimately we want our own buildings where possible to offer the absolute most competitive pricing available on the market today.

Our development team will continue to implement automation on all ends of our service including our upcoming cloud platforms. We will also being working to resell our customer management software to our competitors so that even if the eSited datacenters are not the right choice for your company. We will still be able to aid in providing excellent customer service.